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    Let’s just get to the point – after a long day of lying on the beach or fishing off the docks, you’re probably going to want a cold drink. Hey, you’re on vacation. Don't worry - in New Smyrna Beach, there are so many good spots for craft beers and cocktails, you could even make a tour out of them all. Here are some favorites you won’t want to miss. 

    NSB Brewing

    Not only does NSB Brewing have amazing craft beers that are made on-site, but they even have craft popcorn. Now that hits the spot! This casual taproom also serves as a brewery tour, since you can observe the brewing equipment in the process right from the barstool. It makes that crisp Kolsch taste even better when you can watch someone kegging a batch of beer right in front of you. Get ready to cruise through these high-quality brews. Whether you prefer a refreshing Hefeweizen with a hint of clover, or a strawberry mango milkshake IPA - there's something for every palate.

    The Half Wall Restaurant and Craft Beer Bar

    If you’re a craft beer enthusiast looking for a large selection, then head straight to The Half Wall Craft Beer Bar. With more than 76 craft beers in their New Smyrna Beach location, you won’t run out of good options. The best way to go is to try a beer flight, which contains four different five-ounce samples. Whether you are into IPAs, fruity beers, or you’re more of a dark porter and stout kind of person, this is a great way to try a bit of everything. They also have great options of cocktails and wines, and specials almost every day except for Friday. The walls of this place are covered in HD televisions, showing all the sporting events you don’t want to miss, which makes it a fun gathering ground for sports fans. 

    Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar

    Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar is known for its delicious dishes packed with Mediterranean and New World flavors. But it’s not just the food people talk about. The beer, wine, and cocktail list are beautifully curated by sommelier and manager Nathan Gray. He mixes classics like a good margarita or old-fashioned with creative drinks like the Queen B – which mixes gin, lemon, and hibiscus lemongrass honey syrup. Third Wave Café is a favorite for brunch as well, where you can drink mimosas on the patio all day. If you're feeling frisky, try some spirits in your meal! The Island Rum French Toast includes Meyer’s Rum bread, caramel rum sauce, candied pecans, and chai whipped cream. Need I say more?     

    Dunes Brewing

    Another great pit stop for beer lovers is the Dunes Brewing Company. They have a solid selection of craft beers and top-notch wines. For those who love IPA beers, you'll want to check out the Down Under Classic IPA. If beer isn't your style Dunes Brewing offers a wide variety of wines, seltzers and ciders to please anyone's palette. If you like what you taste, you can even buy a growler and take the beer home with you!