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Planning Your Holidays in New Smyrna Beach Area

The holidays are fast approaching, and if you’ve got your heart set on celebrating with family or friends during the festive season in the New Smyrna Beach Area, check out the following pointers and tips to ensure your visit is as magical as it can be.

Getting There and Getting Around

nsb aerial view (1)Of course, you could make a road trip out of your visit, but it’s most convenient to fly, especially if you live more than an hour or two away. The Daytona Beach Airport is less than twenty miles from the New Smyrna Beach Area and is serviced by several airlines, including American Airlines, Delta, and Avelo. With direct flights from several major cities, such as Atlanta, Philadelphia, the New York City area, and Washington, DC, this is a great alternative to Florida’s larger and more hectic airports, like Orlando or Jacksonville. 

Once you’ve made it to the area, you have several options for getting around. You could rent a car or use a ride-share service, but why not consider renting bicycles at Pedego Electric Bike? New Smyrna Beach Area is a compact community and relatively flat. Plus, with the beautiful weather at this time of year—especially compared to what’s usually going on up north in November and December—take the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and warm breezes while you can. As a bonus, you contribute to more sustainable tourism in the destination.

Where to Stay and Dine in the New Smyrna Beach Area?

1280x587_web_3The number of people in your traveling group will determine whether a hotel, a B&B, or a vacation rental will make the most sense. For couples or small groups of two or three, check out some of the area’s wide variety of hotels and bed & breakfasts.  Best Western—Oceanfront, the Riverview Hotel, and the Night Swan Intercoastal Bed & Breakfast are a few options.

CP2 Model Unit (15)For families with children or large groups who plan to spend time catching up or hanging out around a private pool, a vacation rental is likely your best bet. A rented house or condo also works best for those who plan to prepare a holiday meal in their accommodation. Just make sure to choose a house or condo with a full kitchen, so that your Thanksgiving turkey tastes just like it would at home. 

And speaking of holiday dinner, if you’re planning to dine out, ensure the restaurant you’d like to visit will be open on the holidays, and definitely make a reservation, particularly if you’re dining with a larger group. Some restaurants may offer special menus for the holidays, so do a little research to make sure the offerings suit your expectations.

Pro Tips

To ensure your holiday visit to the New Smyrna Beach Area goes as smoothly as possible, keep the following points in mind:

  • Book Ahead: Start thinking about your end-of-year plans early. Hotels, rentals, and restaurants book up quickly. Plus, you’ll look forward to your travel more if everything is planned out and ready and you’re not scrambling with last-minute details.
  • Check Out Our Vacation Guide: Click here to request our free destination guide as a digital download, with all the information you need to plan and book the perfect holiday getaway for families, couples, or friends.
  • Visiting the Beach: If you’re planning to spend the day at one of the area beaches, make sure to arrive early to stake out a good spot. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Check out the beach cam for a live view of several of the area beaches to see how many people are there already and access an up-to-date weather and tide report.
  • New Smyrna Beach Area app: Download the new destination Mobile App and access everything you need about vacationing in NSB right at your fingertips. Scan the QR Code to download today! Or click the links for App Store or Google Play.My_App_-_NSB_New