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    All throughout Florida, there are some beautiful murals, and Visit Florida has put together a trail that features murals throughout the state. But you don’t need to go traipsing all across the state to see some cool murals, as we have them right here in New Smyrna Beach.

    To celebrate the arrival of the New Year, we invite you to visit the ones in and around New Smyrna Beach, especially the mural outside The Hub on Canal, created by local artists and visitors. And if you go the first Saturday in February, you’ll have a chance to see some pretty cool landscape paintings too.

    Take a Selfie (or a Groupie) at The Hub on Canal

    Hub_on_Canal_Art_rgb_hdThe New Year is the time for resolutions and new traditions. Why don’t you start a tradition this year of getting a picture in front of the mural at The Hub on Canal every new year with family, friends, or even just you?

    Not only will taking a selfie—or groupie—in front of the mural at The Hub on Canal be a wonderful opportunity to catalog changes each year but also it’s a great excuse to get out and stop by a place where you can see some beautiful artwork. Start the new year off inspired by creativity!

    Stay for the Gallery Opening Reception of 20x20x20 on the 1st Saturday

    he_Hub_on_Canal_SiHXYCnEnPGt7JvRXSNJOQs18q0ABlZBh_rgb_lIf you plan your visit to The Hub on Canal for the first Saturday in February, then you’ll also be able to enjoy the opening reception for the 20x20x20 exhibition, which features landscapes by Ken Bowser.

    Ken, a longtime writer and book illustrator, created a number of paintings that highlight the local area, forced to use a plein air easel outside due to the covid pandemic in 2020. True to his background, Ken also wrote a poem or short narrative for each of the landscape paintings.

    These blurbs will give you a chance to see a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration for each painting. If you want even more background, drop by at 6pm on February 4 if you want to hear his artist’s talk.

    While these paintings aren’t murals per se, they have a muralistic feel. For example, the painting used to promote the exhibition opening is a picture of a crossover to the beach. It has the bold strokes and colors that you would expect to see on a mural.

    From murals to landscape paintings, there are so many great ways to start off your 2023 with new traditions, fond memories, and a little bit of creative inspiration!