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    Going green is more important than ever, which is why we’re leading the charge on sustainability efforts to preserve our home of lush landscapes, abundant wildlife and pristine beaches. As the first One Planet Living® destination in Florida, the New Smyrna Beach Area follows a list of goals and principles to address sustainability efforts and invite visitors to participate as well! Take in the natural wonders of the area while participating in fun and engaging activities to learn more and preserve the area’s ecosystems and beaches for generations to come. Read on for more tips on being an eco-friendly beachgoer! 

    1. Leave No Trace 

    The principles of Leave No Trace aim to maintain a safe environment for wildlife and other visitors when traveling outdoors. Be sure to plan ahead for your trip, always dispose of waste properly and leave what you find. When outside, respect wildlife and maintain a safe distance to not disturb any animals you may encounter; they are more afraid of us than we are of them! While you may want to collect the beautiful seashells along the way, even they have an integral role to play in the ocean. The good news is that you can stop by one of the many boutiques and gift shops for a beachy souvenir while in town!    

    2. Support businesses who support the environment

    Third Wave Cafe7

    We are proud of the multiple businesses in New Smyrna Beach that are doing their part to help our environment. SpringHill Suites, Third Wave Café & Wine Bar and others are all partnering with One Planet Living® to ensure they are taking the right steps to minimize impact. Check out the sustainability guide, which lists our restaurants and what they are doing to help; for example, Café Verde serves locally sourced food, uses paper products and recycles. On an individual level, every little decision can make a difference, so opt to use reusable packaging and turn down single-use plastic like straws and cups. 

    3. Visit the Marine Discovery Center to learn about wildlife and ecosystems


    The Marine Discovery Center provides countless resources and hosts exciting events to learn more about preserving a healthy Indian River Lagoon Estuary, the most biologically diverse estuary in North America. One way the Marine Discovery Center is helping the estuary with local partners is through the Shuck and Share program, in which participating restaurants donate Third Wave Café & Wine Bar
    their shucked oyster shells to be recycled and used as building blocks for reefs. This helps to keep them out of landfills and stabilize the shoreline. Enjoy a local delicacy while helping oysters and coral regrow! Whether eating oysters at a participating restaurant, hopping on a kayak for an eco-tour, or signing kids up for an education camp, there are many ways to learn about and support sustainability efforts with the Marine Discovery Center!

    4. Take Part in a Keep NSB Clean Event

    Keep NSB Clean is a community group that organizes litter cleanups in the area, and their events are a wonderful way to meet locals and help the environment. Join a group of volunteers to assist in cleaning the shorelines of litter at their weekly events, which are listed on their  Instagram or and Facebook group. Keep NSB Clean also contributes to the area with special products such as their cigarette butt recycling program, which keeps toxins and litter out of the coastal habitats. 

    5. Rent a bicycle during your stay

    Blog- Earth Day Sustainability (April) Final 8The New Smyrna Beach Area has an abundance of trails, bike-friendly pathways and wide shoreline to get around to your favorite spots without using a car. On Flagler Avenue, stop by Flaunt to rent an electric bike and explore the Loop, a six-mile waterfront route connecting local businesses and beaches. Near Osteen and Edgewater, take in the views from a bicycle ride on the East Central Regional Rail Trail, the state’s longest railroad to trail conversion. An easygoing ride, zero emissions and stunning vistas are a dreamy combination on a sunny day! 

    These are just a few steps you can take to minimize your impact on the Earth while vacationing. For more information on planning a sustainable and eco-friendly trip to the New Smyrna Beach Area, please go to VisitNSBfl.com.